Thank you for visiting Love & Warren. It’s been an amazing journey.

I penned the original version of Love & Warren after a particularly bad breakup in the fall of 2010. Despite the efforts of my friends and family, I felt like a failure in every capacity of my life. As a result, I decided to take a year off from well, everything. The time off allowed me the opportunity to reset and do all the things I never had the chance to do. I took a bunch of hip-hop dance classes, went on a movie worthy road trip to Australia and checked myself into comedy college. It was a chance to figure out who I was.

During the whole time, I kept a journal to record all the things I felt. I wrote about my disappointment, what I thought went wrong in the relationship and all of my insecurities that helped contribute to the separation. It got to the point where it was easier to simply draw a picture. The first drawing was a picture of me with a ten ton weight on my head. After a while, I had quite the collection of drawings so I decided to tie them all together through a comic about a guy who was doing his best to navigate through a difficult breakup. I titled it Love & Warren.

It was a wonderful time letting my thoughts take me from one misadventure to another. The characters that made it to paper became amazing life guides and Love & Warren became a very large world. I had big plans for it but with a new job and growing commitments, the upkeep became difficult. I later realized that the comic had great bones but needed to be simplified and greatly lightened. It simply took too much time to draw and it was too much of a downer.

I went back to the drawing board, read all of my notes and decided to hit the reset button. I thought about what worked and what didn’t. I also looked back to what I loved reading as a kid; my favorite comics were Garfield and Calvin & Hobbes. I realized those comics were strong because they focused on a dynamic duo. So I cut all the other characters out and rebooted the comic around Warren and a character that I introduced halfway into the comic, a middle-aged corporate Cupid.

When I introduced Cupid in the original comic, I immediately had the idea of him and Warren becoming roommates. I was obsessed with the concept of a romantically incompetent guy sharing a roof with the embodiment of romance and love. Two years, several rewrites and a full visual overhaul later, I present to you Love & Warren–A story about a guy looking for true love and his out-of-work Cupid roommate, Quincy.