I drew Yoda over the weekend in an attempt to spark some new ideas. I’ve always been taught that pain is the main ingredient for comedy. The only thing I sparked was the realization that I’m an amateur. I’ve been riding my pain as inspiration up to now. But now that things are finally getting comfortable, I’m seeing this little dream of mine dying in my hands. I searched the internet for answers and thank Google I found one. I can’t find the link but I read an article on Quora saying how only amateurs need inspiration. The writer said that (s)he personally found comedy based on suffering to be low end because of how easy it is to extract a joke from it; comedy does not necessarily need to have pain to be funny. Now that I think about it, (s)he’s right. I’m still letting it sink in but I think I got the message. Put in the time; you’ll find all the answers you’ll need along the way.